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Beautiful women, ugly mistakes and all hell is about the break loose. In a perverse universe nothing is what it seems. The reality is twisted, and the devil returns to Moscow. With “Pandora’s Matryoshkas”, Ferdy S. G. Dumel has created a new genre, the political romance. Inside is a unique, multi-layered and truly gripping debut novel. Throughout the story, a well-developed cast has been integrated with a compelling plotline. Page-by-page, the gap between the American and Russian ways of thinking is diminished.

“Pandora’s Matryoshkas” is about a post-9/11 family tragedy. Chris, a conventional man with a good job, is married to Helen, a flamboyant and ambitious businesswoman. Lisa, their only daughter, longs for her mother’s attention, while worrying that she just might be invisible to her. When Helen suddenly dies, Chris, helped by Lisa, starts looking online for a new wife.

This is the kind of novel which you just can’t put down. If you like psychological thrillers featuring unreliable narrators, I humbly suggest turning to page one of this novel. Soon you’ll find yourself on a journey through the darkest, seamiest, roughest night.



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