16 Dec

Pandora’s Matryoshkas




Chris feels like the first man on the moon. Here I go Neil, shoots through his head, as he traverses a few stones, and lands with one foot on the fourth stone. Every step he takes seems different than home. Bigger, more surreal. Is it because of the geometric conditions of the gigantic square, or might it be the pavement? The stones have a diameter of about eight inches, and curve up at the center. Good for soldiers’ boots, but not very suitable for high heels.

He has no idea where his strange mood has come from, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility that it’s because of the beautiful woman next to him.

“I like to come here, but it’s hard to walk in high heels on these stones,” says Anastasia when she sees him jumping around like a schoolboy. “Even I have some difficulty with it. Not particularly friendly for women, right?”

Excerpt from PANDORA’S MATRYOSHKAS – A Dominating Experience; The Devil Is Back in Moscow. Psychological Thriller / Political Satire, 320-page novel. (c) 2015. Ferdy S.G. Dumel – RAGE Marketing Publishers.

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